Mental Health Awareness Letters – 9th May 2018

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I had an idea to write a letter each day to a person, or group of people that have had an impact on my own personal health. The first portion of the month has been delayed, however I hope that I will catch up and there will be a daily post. Thank You for taking the time to read these and I appreciate any comments or support you can provide on each post.

Please remember that if you are struggling with your health, both physical or mental, there may be some triggers in these letters-please seek support if you find these letters trigger any distress. Look after yourself!!

Letter 9 – To my dogs.

My little ‘Mexican Shits’ who like to go out and then come in and pee by the back door!!

You cuddle me and show affection. I talk to you and feel that you listen and understand. People may think I am crazy but if you have never owned a dog you wouldn’t understand (unless you do not like dogs, but you have an equally loving cat or another animal). Science proves that being near a pet can help your mental and physical health as well as helping the animals’ health.

I had dogs on and off growing up but for years I wanted a Chihuahua, they are small and cute and feisty little things, with their little tails and little ears and bubbly personality I loved them.

We got our first girl from Gumtree and whilst she had been with this family for a week or two she was still young, most probably too young to be away from her Mam, but I had to have her!! We now have another puppy, found on the internet from a breeder-they have a love hate relationship and love to wind each other up, but they do love each other and there is nothing I love more when I am having a bad day that cwtches from these two.

It may sound silly, but my dogs definitely have saved me!! I love them!!

People may call Chihuahuas ‘rats’ but they are one of the most loyal and loving breeds I have ever known.