I got put in Instajail :(

Serves me right for not getting up off my but!!

Yesterday I found myself going through loads of Instagram posts from friends and satisfying videos of sand being cut and Lush items being cut etc….

Then I got put in Instajail – Ooops

Lesson learnt – don’t lie in bed feeling ill all day liking posts on Instagram.

My ban on liking only lasted a couple of hours.

My Bad…. I Love you Instagram


LUSH – Need I say anymore

My wife got me two bath bombs as a gift a few weeks ago from Lush and I was so jealous as I missed out.

Well on payday we went to Lush and I got some of the things on my ‘wish list’ and the addiction is real!

I mean who doesn’t love Lush??

This was my first shop 😍😍

It is so satisfying cutting up the bubble bars 🐞🐞

And not forgetting some Rainbow Fun;

Now the next things I would LOVE are….

  • Face cleansers, toners etc
  • Comforter Bubble Bar
  • Scrubee
  • Face masks
  • Sleepy Products

And of course EVERYTHING else!!