New Beginnings, New Job!!


I have been ‘quiet’ the last couple of days!! The reason for that is that I have started my new job!!

Monday Morning came and went really quickly and I got home and saw the first positive signs that my meds where helping my anxiety.

  • I walked straight into new building (once someone opened the door)
  • I had no shakes
  • No nerves

I was nervous in the sense of being quiet and not knowing anyone but I was nowhere near as nervous as I use to be with unfamiliar surroundings.

Perhaps signs of things to come??

All it did was rain but I got on with it!! Grabbed a more casual jacket as it had a hood!!

Sunday Night was defiantely a night to relax and prepare for the nw adventure!!

I am really excited about the journey I am now on.


The end of an era – my last day at work 🚐🚨📞⌨️

Today I wore my Uniform for the last time and today I took my last 999 call.

The last few years I have gone from job to job, gaining experience, life skills and trying to find someone that makes me happier in myself.

I have struggled massively (mostly in secret) with my anxiety, grief and life over the last year or so more than usual and it has effected my health, my mind and my everyday life.

I will be moving on to a job where a I can focus on my health, my mental health and help others at the same time. It will work great alongside my degree as well; and hopefully help settle my insomnia.

The past 17 months has been a rollercoaster and I will miss my colleagues at my old workplace.

Today was scary, exciting and the end of a journey. I am very scared for my new job but I think that is good.

Fear drives motivation. I need to control my fear and not let it control me.

On to my next journey.