I put pen to paper….finally

One thing I have always wanted to do is write a book, my english and grammar is not great but that is why proof reading is a must!!


I finally put pen to paper and started an introduction and chapter ideas.

I want this book to be personal, yet helpful and of course the main topic in the discussion is my most passionate subject; Mental Health.

I want to be a person that makes a difference, if I can change the life of just one person then I can be happy.

I also put up an important image on my social media which I will also put here ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I have no idea how to publish a book and whether it will be a e-book or hardcopy but a dream of mine has always been to see a book in a shop with my name on it. Who knows, maybe this will just be something I write and keep safe or it could just be the start of something amazing.

What topics would you want to see covered in a book about mental health?