Travelling and a broken mallet

Last year we took a road trip, camping around North Wales. We saw a lot of Snowdonia National Park and saw some beautiful views.

Today’s Word Prompt is ‘Malett’ so I thought I could share a funny story.

You may notice my spelling is “Mallet” – I am using British English Spelling.


The Dog enjoyed the Trip!!

We had moved to a new site and got busy setting up, including the windbrakers as it was very windy up North!! So there I go with the mallet banging away on top of the pegs and wooden poles and pop, there was a sudden release – the end of the mallet only went and flew off didn’t it!!

I believe it may have been caught on video but I have yet to find it (it might have even been a Facebook Live!! )

Since this trip my life has taken a turn, I do not remember many times I have laughed – today’s prompt meant I had to share this short and sweet story. If I find the video it will be uploaded!!

If you need any tips or places to visit around North Wales – Get in Touch I do not know everywhere but I do know lots of cute little places that won’t break the bank massively and isn’t necessarily easily searchable online.

Quick little funny moment in life-I need more of these!!


Our North Wales Trip….

So we planned a nice trip away, my Doctors advised me to stay off work until we had gone away then start fresh when we got back.
(At this point I have been back at work for two shifts, I have a shift tonight then a few days off!!)

Each little pin is somewhere we went, 700 miles or so later and we got back home.

Ended up gaining 2kg but it is now gone, so must have been water retention as I was very puffy and swollen 🤔. 

And the main reason I focus on my weight is because I have a weight criteria for my hospital treatment.


Adjusting the filofax due to big news!!


I have loved my current job but I got to the point where I had to put myself, my health and my future goals first. So now I’m working my notice period and I am petrified but excited about the new chapter ahead 😳😅 

And Septembers Uni modules have been picked and registered 📓📔📒📕📗📗📙📚

Not the cheeriest of module choices but they are really interesting.

So now what?….

  • Work Notice,
  • Start New Job,
  • House Buying,
  • Sorting out – Spring Cleaning,
  • Finish my EMA for Uni (externally marked assignment – equivalent to an exam),
  • Carry on my journey of trying to get better, share and raise awareness and try my best , because that’s the best I can do.  

Here’s some pics of our trip. I’m aiming todo some  reviews of campsites and places soon so will post here once I’ve had time to do them 😍😍

Stacie-Mai xx