Where out of hours lead….

As you can guess – yes I drove 20 odd miles ( each way) to be told

“Go and get a second opinion from your GP”


Contact GP surgery and they didn’t ask a million questions they offered me an appointment with the paramedic that afternoon.

The paramedic was lovely and sent me straight to hospital for surgical evaluation.

It only took 43 days (I Think!!)

Here is how that went:

Arrive A&E 15:00

Rang GP as faxed letter was not through

Got to SDMU (Surgical Decision Making Unit) about 15:45 after getting through to GP and A&E sending me straight up 😦

Bloods after seeing junior doc 19:00

19:45 – two paracetamol

21:00 got a trolley

23.05 tramadol and observations

03:45 oromorph and anti sickness

06:10 paracetamol

08:05 seen surgical team await scan NBM

08:35 tramadol

13:00 paracetamol and anti sickness


16:55 paracetamol

Injection in belly for clotting

Now waiting for the Senior Review (17:10)


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