So I choose Out of Hours….

Ok so after taking my Tramadol, I gave in and rang My GP surgery (obviously closed) to go through to the Out of Hours Service. Rang out at 19:07 – hung up at 19:09.

Got through their questions quickly and I am now awaiting a callback from the Doctor, (which is usually a nurse from South West of England) or so my iPhone tells me.

Now for the wait – and to see if this Tramadol kicks in. (And stays down!)

I had stopped taking it (sensibly) however when the GP gave me more he said one at a time not two as previously told, up to four times daily. ONLY WITH MODERATE/SEVERE PAIN.

It is a controlled drug I guess. Let’s see if it helps….

More to follow 😫😢😷💩

UPDATE 19:35

My phone rang half the first ring and hung up , no further calls but left a voicemail asking to call back – CAN’T CALLBACK NUMBER NOT IN SERVICE so have to go back to GP out of hours to tell them I missed a call. Call handler is letting them know and also requesting if phone diverts again to try straight away.

Damn phone!! So now awaiting another callback (They only try three times!)

UPDATE 19:50

Typical stupid phone didn’t even ring that time just pinged through saying I have a voicemail.

Had to ring back again, giving up and telling them to call landline.

Apparently won’t be long. House phone is on my lap ready!!


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