Apparently “There is no Way it is your Appendix!”

So here is an update on my 6 week battle of pain, My first night in the decision unit I heard the Doctor saying “She has PCOS, just send her to GYNE and they can send her home.” And then the night of the 24th the surgical doctor that came to see me after me complaining I was suppose to have a surgical review the night before said “Your bloods are normal and ultrasound report isn’t back but your bloods are normal so there is no way it could be your appendix, you will be reviewed in the morning but can probably go home!”


Reviewed by the kind Surgeon at about 11am and told I will be having surgery that day. I signed consent for Exploratory Laparoscopy +/- Appendectomy. I was told ultrasound report still not back and bloods and repeat bloods normal. So will explore to find a cause but if appendix is normal it will be left in and if it appears abnormal then it will be removed.

16:20 – Porters came to collect me, but then ended up walking with the HCA (Around the corner) to the theatre area.

Had some very strong painkillers which made me feel very drowsy!!

Then I was put Under….

20:15 – First Time I remember seeing in Recovery.

20:42 – Back on Ward.

Asked overnight what happened and discovered my appendix had indeed been removed!!

My heart rate throughout the night continued to set the alarms off to the point where the BP cuff and SPO2 monitor stayed on me all night to monitor it.

Surgeon came and saw me next day to tell me appendix was removed and I could go home that day providing there was someone home and I eat and pee etc….

I stayed in that night due to pain control…. I was not in this much pain after my surgery 6 years ago (Keyhole removing Ovarian Cysts, was up and out within 2 hours of recovery!)

Was also very concerned that my pee resembled orange lucozade!!

One thing I learnt, after saying I will never have Morphine, I caved and tried Oramorph, it is the most vile thing I have ever tasted!!

I also woke up with a new line in my right hand and a gauze on my left hand from a failed attempt maybe, still not sure why the need for more lines….

Failed IV (Thanks PCOS for hairy arms!)


So had an extra night in and then went home the day after!!

Not allowed to drive for at least 2 weeks, providing insurance are happy and I can do an Emergency Stop.

No work for 3 weeks (with no complicaions) as it is a sit down job (most of the time) I shouldn’t need anymore time off!!

Looking Rough

Now to see how recovery goes….



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