Stress Control Course 😱😱

So this was suggested to me a while ago, I know people that have gone on this 4-6 week (once a week) course. Luckily the NHS provide this for free.

I have always dealt with a lot of ‘stress’ in life but never thought I was a stressed person, or someone who was really affected by stress.

I managed to pluck up the courage and walk in, luckily others walked in before me so I just followed. And found a seat towards the back , after the first break I did move my chair over a bit to rest on a table, made me feel more comfortable. 

But overall the first session was useful. We were sent home with a workbook (not compulsory to complete) and a relaxation CD in this first session. Not sure what next weeks session will bring but I think it will benefit me by continuing to attend. I also think it could be useful for me to help others.


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