Let’s find me a hobby….step 1 of new beginnings

I have decided that I won’t get the family I have longed for since my teens without making a big change. My change will begin with finding a hobby, socialise and interact with others because my feeling about myself, my situation and my body are overtaking my mind, I am not in a great financial situation but I need to set some money aside and do something for me. Which benefits the family in the long run.
I have chosen Yoga.

My decision comes from always being interested in yoga. I have been suffering with back pain due to an incident about 6-8 weeks ago and want to stretch and strengthen my core muscles. I need to lose weight and gain confidence and find a way to deal with my stress and recent work related stress and short temper.

Thanks to PCOS I have not had a period since February 23rd 2015. Becoming less stressed, upset and concentrating on something meaningful.

  1. Research Yoga
  2.  Finding a group and contacting them (just literally done)
  3. Arrange to do some yoga
  4. Buy an outfit – don’t think any of mine are suitable. My wardrobe is full of clothes too small, too big, work related or full of holes.
  5. Decide whether I enjoy yoga
  6. Make this a full time change, continue to take part.

A healthy mind makes a healthy body.

I am at work tomorrow for ages!! (Literally at least 12 hours) so will be starting with the library Saturday Morning.

And I will start there. Hopefully there’s a class that fits in with my job starting next week.

Stacie-Mai xx


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