Plan B….

So I haven’t been very goal orientated lately, even after my last optimistic post.

I have been hit by some sort of cold/infection/chesty type bug so had to cancel yet another hospital appointment with my Gynecology Consultant. 

I have rearranged the appointment and I have just under 4 weeks to get my BMI from its current 37.6 to a first goal of 35 but with an ultimate goal of 30 for the complete go ahead for my fertility treatment. 



Me and the wife have sat down and planned our meals for the week ahead. I will also be undertaking these 30 day challenges through apps and attempting to undertake extra exercise. 

This is my last week to get organised before I start my new job! So lots of change this month set to happen!

The new filofax is purchased and on its’ way!!

For the sake of my sanity and moving on in life, I need children! I need a family. 

I have to get my act together!! And keep it together. With NO TEMPTATION.


Be prepared for recipies and lots of food pictures! Yes it may be annoying and you may not like people that upload images all the time but please remember this is how some of us motivate and feel like they can help others in similar situations.


Stacie-Mai xx


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