My Day at Buckingham Palace 

I travelled to London March 22nd to go to St James Palace but we were evacuated and cancelled due to the Westminster attacks.

So May 24th, 2017 I made the journey back to London but this time to attend Buckingham Palace for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation.

It was a long day and a very hot day, I got worried I was ill at one point as the sweat was running off me but may have been a mixture of heat, anxiety and dehydration ☹️

Through the Gates of Buckingham Palace

There was a heavy Police presence in London and a long queue to clear through Security at the Palace but it was totally worth it.

Our group from Wales had Tim Rhys Evans MBE talking and presenting our awards and we even had a chat with the Earl of Wessex, I was totally gutted I didn’t get to speak to the Duke of Edinburgh but he was also present at the ceremony. I spoke up (totally unlike me due to the anxiety) when the Earl asked who had gonestraight  to the Gold award rather than do Bronze or Silver first! I was the only Direct Gold Entrant !!

I even got to meet Ross Kemp and Greg Rutherford!!

I am Honoured to be a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Holder and a Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Award Holder. And I am especially Honoured that I got to be within the grounds of Buckingham Palace, especially when the Queen was present in the building. I did not see the Queen but she was in.

If you would like any information, tips or advice about the DofE Scheme, let me know and I will try  my best to help or direct you to your nearest DofE group.

“There is no such word as ‘Can’t “


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