Scary Stuff

I get judged a lot….

Not for looking ‘Gay’ or whatever label people give my situation, (by the way I identify as Bisexual, but that doesn’t matter anyway!)

I get judged because I work long days, I am overweight, I have tattoos, and I support structure and discipline, and I hate liars. I am open and totally understand that everyone has a different life, different opinions and lifestyle choices. I don’t judge people for their choices in life although a few people think I do. You cannot please everyone!!

My choice to go through via the NHS and ask for help to have a family is not because I am married to a woman, but because of my PCOS and failure to ovulate. If I could ovulate then it would be a simple task of find a donor and buy some of his finest swimmers. I have been judged a lot by people that don’t understand this situation.

I have decided to open up slightly as my feelings have been building up and even though I love my wife I don’t open up completely as I am afraid of hurting her and pushing her away. Hence the most probably poorly structured blog ever!!

Tara for now

Stacie-Mai xx


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