Some things learnt when I temporarily lost hearing in one ear;

As you may or may not know I went back to work after about 7 months off; I lasted 2 weeks and came down with a horrendous viral infection that of course went straight to my chest….then my throat, nose and then boom……….

black square

Suddenly I had no hearing in my right ear. I thought it was due to the infection and thought it was running its course, I left it about 5/6 days before I went to see my GP (I needed a note for work anyway) and I have an ear infection. I don’t really remember having them as a child and as an adult I had a few painful incidents behind my ear but nothing like this. Even though my other ear still has hearing it has always been a bit muffled (although hearing tests have always been ok) so now I find I cannot use my mobile unless it is on loudspeaker, the house phone is a definite no and volumes on everything are higher than they usually are – plus the subtitles are being used most of the time.

I know it is only temporary (I think!!) but I have learnt some things about hearing loss.

Cherish what senses you have because when you lose one of them (even if temporary) it has a major impact that most people will not understand. I have missed ‘I love you’s’, the dogs asking to go out for a pee, phone calls and a lot of words being spoken.

I have learnt that when people say they have an ear infection, they can really be struggling, I understand the medical aspects of ear infections but realistically had no idea the impact it has on your body when your hearing deteriorates.

Also, ear pain really hurts!! Not only does the inside of my ear hurt, but the outside. My neck is sore and my head throbs and the bone behind my ear is all big and painful. I am hoping to be back in work on Monday (touch wood) I just hope my hearing returns as I am usually struggling to understand and hear people anyway, having hearing in only one ear is making life difficult. My fingers are crossed for my antibiotics to kick in and help

I do not live with hearing loss every day of my life and I really admire those of you that live a life of limited or no hearing. I think this was my wake up call to really sit down and learn Sign Language, I have been saying since primary school I want to learn but never have.