Mental Health Awareness Letters – 15th May 2018

As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, I had an idea to write a letter each day to a person, or group of people that have had an impact on my own personal health. The first portion of the month has been delayed, however I hope that I will catch up and there will be a daily post. Thank You for taking the time to read these and I appreciate any comments or support you can provide on each post.

Please remember that if you are struggling with your health, both physical or mental, there may be some triggers in these letters-please seek support if you find these letters trigger any distress. Look after yourself!!

Letter 15 – To The Mighty

I first Discovered The Mighty a few years back, and have written some pieces for the site.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 21.10.33

If you haven’t seen the website, please head over to the site as there are several pieces about life with chronic conditions, written by us!! real people who are living with these conditions every day. There are also pieces about parenting and lifestyle.

The Mighty has helped me through times when I needed something to do to take away negative feelings, helped me when I have been confused and helped me learn about my conditions and allowed me to find a community that actually understands-rather than those that just say they understand for the sake of it.

It is definitely worth a look, even if you are a parter, friend or relative of someone who suffers from difficulties, there is something there for you too!!

Coming up in tomorrow’s letter; Embracing your Needs – With Help from The Mighty.


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