May is Mental Health Awareness Month

From the 14th to the 20th of May, Mental Health awareness week is shared across several areas. But the whole month of May is also known as Mental Health Awareness Month.  The idea of an awareness month is to allow people to share time together and talk about mental health, as well as identifying factors that can contribute to negative mental health, such as stress and to find ways to talk about it and find ways to improve the negatives and turn them into positives.


I am taking part in a virtual event this month with ‘runr’- called ‘Miles For Mind’ to help raise money for Mind and spread the word about mental health.

Mind is a Mental Health Charity with the ultimate goal of ‘support and respect for everyone with a mental health problem’ (Mind). Check out their website to see the amazing work they do!! 

I had a plan for this month to write a letter a day to a person or people who have impacted my own personal health. they are currently in the drafting stage and as of today I am 7 days/letters behind-I will work on that to get them live asap!!

I hope you read them and support my honesty, vulnerability and true experiences.


5 thoughts on “May is Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. Love this- I’ve been following miles for mind on Twitter, and in awe of the response of the running community. I’m recovering from surgery so just building up my running, or id have loved to have been taking part . Great job ❤️


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