One goal-An event I really wish to partake in….

April 22nd 2018 – Marathon Day

And No I am not one of the brave people taking part today. However, it is a goal of mine to run in the London Marathon.

Each year I stare at the TV, listen to radio or follow social media and say to myself “Yes I will do this, maybe next year, or the year after to be sensible”. Let’s just say it never happens.

This year I am signed up to do a 10k, 5k and monthly goal of 25 miles (walking or running each month). I want to be a more regular runner and fitter before even considering a full marathon. The plan is to do 5k and 10k runs until I feel comfortable enough to do a half marathon. Once I have done that I will consider longer events.

Although cue the impulsive me-one day I may just do it and sign up (Telling myself don’t you dare!)

Are any of my followers a runner and do you have any tips.


2 thoughts on “One goal-An event I really wish to partake in….

  1. I have run and completed 5K, 10K and a half marathon. Like you, I’ve been tempted by the thought of doing a marathon and then last year I saw a Fb post by Action Challenge offering the Cotswold Way Challenge and decided to sign up not running (though that is an option), but walking 100K over 2 days (an ultra marathon). This year, I’ve signed up to do 50K Jurassic Coast and 50K Wye Valley – one because I get to see some amazing scenery; two because I meet equally zany people and three because I can 🙂


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