SSRI’s and Anxiety

My first experience of using a SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) also known as antidepressants, was October 2016.

I began on Citalopram 20mg daily and didn’t notice any change, so my dose was upped to 30mg daily – a few days later I was washing my hair in the shower and thought a lot of hair was by my feet, dried my hair and realised the reason a lot of hair was on the shower floor was because my hair had ripped and fallen out, leaving me with a messy, uneven hairstyle and dodgy looking fringe (I didn’t have one before that shower!). 

Saw a GP and explained; the Doctors reply was;

“What is more important to you, you anxiety or your hair?”

Safe to say I stopped those pills a few days later.

I was re-referred to my Primary Mental Health Team and they advised speaking to the GP to find alternative medication to deal with my anxiety – I realised because of them that I don’t deserve to be unhappy and if there is something that can help balance my chemicals and help reduce my anxiety then why not try it.

I have just taken pill number 19 of Sertraline – another SSRI. I am on 50mg daily.

I have noticed more bad days lately and the possibility is that I now have depression as well as my anxiety.

I am so tired, stressed and the past few days I have been soaking with sweat and just want to lie down all day.

This could be a mixture of the new meds, this heat and humidity and tiredness/stress in general.

It is early days I guess – sometimes doses need changing and it could be another few weeks before I notice any change. 


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