My Hair 👩👧👱‍♀️💇

So my hair; it has changed a lot since last year!!

I was taking my citalopram, missed two doses by accident but other than that I was adapting well. But it wasn’t helping much.

At the next Dr Appointment my dose was upped from 20mg daily to 30mg.


I was in the shower washing my hair (was a week overdue) and I thought wow that is a lot of hair in the drain, I actually had to unblock the plug twice during the shower, which I never have to do. Putting it down to my hair wash being overdue.

It wasn’t until I brushed my hair that I realised more hair was coming out and it wasn’t until I dried it that I realised what had happened, my hair had broken and now rather than it being straight and below my bra, it was now jagged ranging from my shoulder to a couple inches below my shoulder. And my front had broke off so bad it looked like an outgrown fringe.
I went for my check up at the Drs two weeks later, hair scrapped back still in a state and told the Dr, the reply I got when I asked about changing meds was “Well what is more important to you; Your anxiety or your hair?” I went home gave it a week and said screw it – I haven’t taken my meds since, And my GP hasn’t mentioned my meds since, and I have been back a few times.

Luckily I have a Lovely Friend – Who is also a talented hair dresser, and my hair has been fixed, it meant cutting it all short again, which was sad but it had to be done . It is growing slowly 🌈🌈


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