Update 😷

So last weekend and this week have revolved around one thing….PAIN!!

Wounds got very red and sore and left it until Monday because I can’t drive to out of hours, then tried GP monday and asked for a home visit….they only do them in really bad situations (which mine apparently isn’t!) so ended up with the district nurse coming to my house.

Apparently no infection….

Bottom stitch taken out as it was sticking out anyway!

Other two not infected apparently but dressing and Inadine applied to the belly button one to keep until Thursday.

So time to concentrate on my Detox this week….

Chicken Pizza (No Bread!) With Scrambled Egg and Sweet Potato.

Got to thursday, dressing had to be changed before as they were soiled (Nice!!) Wife was off work so she drove me to the Doctors where I saw the nurse (even though I asked for a Doctor, but she was lovely so it was fine!)

Keeping an eye on lower left wound but it’s ok at present. Belly on the other hand still oozing so re-dressed and swab taken, wait for results but nurse said she wouldn’t be surprised if something showed up! And then relevant anti-biotics can be prescribed!

Does that mean there is an infection brewing?

I feel like it, feeling run down and sick! Hot sweats, dizzyness and nausea is back!

Let’s see what happens….

This story is not over!




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