Diet Week one….here we go

OMG having visitors over resulted in a 1kg gain…. 
This is my highest weight since 2011.


Breakfast: this involved a weight watchers lemon yoghurt – WOW This tasted exactly like the icing on those Mr Kipling Lemon sponge cakes!! Delicious!!

Lunch: the shop didn’t have the wholemeal wraps but the nearest thing was best of both wraps so I had four of these, with diced ham (needed using up) then two had diced cucumber (I am not a fan of cucumber!!) and the other two had shredded carrot. Only 3 eaten as was too full.

Dinner involved the chinese style chicken noodle soup, I forgot to take pictures butit was   yummy, however I will NOT be putting spring onion in next time as I really do not like it. The chicken in the soup I fried off before adding to the soup and added the Heinz (fish free) Worcestershire Sauce and it was actually really flavourfull!

However I do have a picture of me making the soup!

I was also a tad naughty and ate my last wrap from lunch! No point in wasting it is there !?!


I was off work today, I am still suffering from being ill so I had a slight lie in, then had to run to the post office to collect a parcel before it closed and I completely forgot breakfast.

Lunch involves four ginger biscuits!! My sugars were low from running around and not fueling myself, a mistake I won’t make again!!

Dinner was my roasted veg soup, I went for the first batch I made whilst the wife took the second  batch. Mine was lovely, the wifes’ was way to Parsnip flavoured, meaning I need to cook more veg to add to it as we have another two portions of it!! I had two kingsmill wholemeal thins with a bit of butter (these are also clogging up the freezer) Dessert was a strawberry weight watchers yoghurt, this was also really nice and low calorie compared to other yoghurts!! Will definitely carry on buying these!!


Yoghurt thrown in bag for breakfast, didn’t get a chance to eat it!! Work waits for nobody, my job doesn’t involve an office or sitting down in order to eat.


Lunch was KFC!! Sometimes workmates and work location mean you grab what is available!! My lunch for today will last until tomorrow!!


To be continued!!

Stacie-Mai xx


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